Combo of Winter Breeze and Soulful Sabri Night by Port Grand!

Winter is ringing bells in Karachi and what is more exciting than a cold breeze and quality musical night and that too on weekend. Last week, Port Grand Pakistan made it happen for Karachiites and they get to witness the grand musical night with great Amjad Sabri. The event was titled as #SabriNight and was managed and organized by Port Grand Pakistan having UBL as their main partner.

Almost a week before event, this is what I received in my mail box, an invitation pass along with a redeemable food voucher of Rs.200/-

Sabri night invitation

Many social media influencers and bloggers seemed excited for the event and was making buzz about the event even before weeks. This shows how badly people in Karachi want to witness nights like this.

The event started at sharp 9pm and hundreds of people were ahead of time to listen to soulful performance of Amjad Sabri. I reached the venue a little late, (God bless the celebration of elections) and by the time I reached, the energy of people was testament of how much fun they were having. As for the management of event, it was indeed an eye candy to witness such ambiance and discipline in people who were there just to enjoy music and was respecting the families around.  The event was open for all but there was not any single scene happened about which most event managers seem concerned about.

The event made the flow and was reached to its peak when Amjad Sabri started to deliver “Bhardo Jholi Meri ya Muhammad”. It was a delight to see him at his best as he did complete justice with this legendry Kalaam. During event, the event was making waves on social media as people were posting videos and pictures throughout.


The event was concluded with another beautiful Kalaam for which people were requesting throughout but Amjad Sabri kept it in last for good. Yes, it was Tajdaar e Haram. The ever-green and most soulful Kalaam ever.

But wait, the night wasn’t over there, meanwhile the performance; people get to see amazing fireworks in the sky. The whole night was glittering at its best.



It was indeed a pleasure being invited to the #SabriNight and I am graciously looking forward for more events like this.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


For Hunger Pangs of Foodies – #KhausaDay by!

Just like different other days we celebrate all over the world, there should be a day dedicate to a specific food we all foodies love. Imagine a pizza day where all burger joints, desi food dhabas make pizzas and celebrate the food which has been satisfying millions of taste buds since years.

Well, this idea was came to life a few weeks back by Though the day they celebrated was not for food everyone is familiar of, i.e KHAUSA.The origin of this dish is Gujrat, India and in Karachi, this dish is famous and more popular in memon community only. Well, who cares as long as it tastes heaven *_*. I, once again, got lucky to receive my complimentary parcel from the team (So Generous of them :P) and was so excited to taste one of the best dishes I have ever had in my life. My mother makes Khausa only on very special request from my friends and family, so this time I was excited to try another home-made Khausa. Here is the picture of what I received!

The serving size was enough to fill one hungry tummy and the garnishing provided (separately, consisting of fried onions, chips, lemon, spices etc) were ample too. The first sight of it was mouth-watering since I am a big lover of beef mince too, i couldn’t wait to take a bite. And just as I expected it was by far the best khausay I’ve ever had. Everything was balanced, none of the flavors were overdone, but for a spicy taste bud like mine, I did put almost 5 tsp Masala to make it as spicy as it could be. Over all for everyone in my home, it was a proper balance of curry, beef, spices, noodles and taste.

Once again, thank you and I am looking forward for another Khusa day Soon! 😀


Overall rating: 4/5

The Fun Kids Co – An Emerging Fun-Learning Platform Challenging Violence

Hira Saeed Fun Kids

Photographed by Lauras Eye –

Thursday is the day when my mom visits her parents at her house. As I went in the evening to pick her up I saw my little eight-year old cousin playing Castlevania on the computer. It got me thinking; are beat ‘em up, blood and gore games are the only games that we have left? Why do little kids now a days have such violent tendencies, a lack of self-discipline and an inclination towards doom and gloom? Games like Castlevania are the reason why. Well alright, let’s not just blame the game industry- our televisions, cartoons, movies and comic books with their plethora of blood and gore and vulgarity are equally responsible for the unprincipled nature of today’s children.

Exactly how many Pakistani channels do we have that cater exclusively towards children’s entertainment, specifically of the non-violent variety? With the exception of a very few, most children media feature combatting evil with violence, even if it is for a good cause. So is violence the only answer left to us? Is there no other form of entertainment left to the children of Pakistan?

Recently, an up-and-coming start up by the name of The Fun Kids has been making waves in the social media. A fun-learning platform specially designed for Pakistani kids, The Fun Kids offers entertainment as well as educational opportunities. As a supplement to traditional, classroom mode of education, it strives to bring us back to the basics by imparting valuable life lessons through nursery rhymes, value-instilling moral stories and learning games and videos that are designed to enhance the emotional and intelligence quotient of a child from a very young age. This platform not just ensures that a child has an effective mode of learning but also is a place where a child can watch, read and play in a safe and healthy environment. A parenting forum and blog is also present onsite that invites mothers to invest in their child’s wellbeing by discussing child caring issues and giving out parenting advice.

In just a couple of months since The Fun Kids was launched, it has succeeded in getting rave reviews from parents and still in its developing phase has gotten over 20ooo likes on Facebook. This initiative is the brain-child of an emerging digital media agency, GoLive which is responsible for many other socially active platforms. With such cause-based enterprises emerging in Pakistan, I am beginning to think that there might yet be hope for our country.


#SukoonAgaya – Pakistan’s Another Promising Start-up Making Buzz!

Tapping an opportunity when everyone’s thinking of possibilities is surely a perfect example of “hitting the nail on the head”.  The new breed of Pakistan seems like the torch bearers of this country. Not only media and social enterprises are emerging, but stats of new IT start-ups in Pakistan are also glooming.

On Labour’s day 2015, another start up came into being. Now you all must be thinking about the point to mention labour day here, well because this venture has given a full-feldged platform to all those jobs that are considered as blue collared jobs in society and their workers are called as Labours. So, all in all, it was a perfectly chosen day to launch this start-up.

“ is an online marketplace that provides a one-stop solution for electrical, plumbing and other home service needs”

The two young entrepreneurs successfully solved the hassle that starts from calling an electrician/plumber/painter etc till running after them to get your work done. The concept that has been making vibes in west since past few years is finally in Pakistan.

Anyone can simply book available home repair services online in just 60 seconds with this portal, without going into any hassle, thus making your life ‘PUR-SUKOON’ as the duo calls it.

Here they are ladies and gentlemen, striking a pose at their baby start-up launch. Mr. Shoaib Iqbal and Mr. Qazi!! *Claps*

Shoaib and Qazi sukoonThe launch ceremony was held in Karachi at Nest i/o where the whole team was gathered to give media and guests a brief about their venture. The event made positive vibes over social media since bloggers, guest speakers, mentors and many other activists were invited there to give them a supportive hand.

Watch the space for more pictures of event with the courtesy of Nest i/o.

11038870_823505847698606_8117556004276346196_n 11150612_823504587698732_3194239540527209296_n (1) 11150612_823504587698732_3194239540527209296_n 11156180_823503221032202_3639116805107079940_n


The startup is currently incubated at The Nest i/o, a technology incubator launched by P@SHA, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung and The US Government.

#TheGreatPakistaniCircus – Karachi Needs More Such Events!

These days, my life is portraying a complete picture of a roller coaster ride. So many start-ups are emerging; university semester is coming on edge, my office’s cubical is giving me exciting things and so does my social life. One fine day, my mailbox welcomed passes from an exciting event happening at Karachi i.e #TheGreatPakistaniCircus. The passes were sponsored by Brand Activate.

The Great Pakistani Circus

Like me, you all must be thinking this circus is just like those Lucky Rani circuses where “Lion” and “Maut Ka Kuaan” amaze you and you end up scratching your head saying, what was that? :/ I read about the event beforehand and got to know that The Great Pakistani Circus is something very very different, although the reviews were kind of mixed.

We planned out a day and went to see it in the first show. The Circus is happening everyday till 20th May at KMC Sports Complex having two slots daily, one is 7.30 pm and second is 9.30 pm. As per our ease, we chose the first show of the day. By the way, I’ll review the main sections of entire day that I enjoyed the most.

Entering the main gate we saw a colourful entrance and a pavilion area full of families including kids and teens. Here’s how it looked like!



The first section was of two comedians doing a skit. The clown was getting kids attention and they were responding on his wave calls.


Aerial Hoop:

Moving forward there was a girl doing Aerial Hoop. She was spinning and swinging so confidently that she kept us looking at her talent in awe-inspiring mood.

After two more Aerial Hooping, there came a magician with some magic tricks to make audience stunned and a group of guys for Acro-balancing. The host who was Mr. Nadeem Jafri’s voice at the background was constantly cheering the audience to respond and applaud.

Balance Board:

Another amazing section was the balance board activity. This guy actually took our breath away! Everyone was looking at his talent as if whatever is happening is not possible. Here’s the picture:

The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed

Dog Show:

The most cutest and adorable part of the show. That may be because I am a pet lover but believe me, those adorable dogs were as trained as any human being. Lol :p They performed juggling and wall flips with their master and one of those dogs also jumped from the ladder. (The best part :D). I totally loved it. Sadly i couldn’t clicked a picture and video is too large to attach here.

The show signed off at exactly 9.25pm and while leaving we saw a couple of families waiting outside to attend the second show. All in all, the experience was much better than what I expected. Before going there, I heard kind of mix reviews from people but it turned out a full entertainment filled event. A credit also goes to company that was around, my buddies Saad, Amir and Faryal. Here’s our picture leaving the venue in a happy-go-lucky mood! 🙂

The Great Pakistani Circus

The event was perfectly managed and had a sensible and good audience. I’d highly recommend all the families to go and have fun there with your kids around. Events like this are rare in Pakistan especially in Karachi. The artists and actors performing there have come all the way from outside Pakistan to perform here. Give them a hand!

Overall rating: 4/5

More pictures are attached.

20150425_213045 20150425_212937  20150425_195802 20150425_204106 The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed


#DewAction by Pepsi Co. – Things To Learn from Not-So-Thrilled Event!

Being a Karachiite I know how it sounds to have some FREE Entertainment-filled event and that too on Weekend night. The Action packed event of Mountain Dew happened yesterday at Moin Khan Academy where more than 3000 people showed up. Well what actually happened there is coming ahead.

The event had everything an ordinary Karachiite needs for his Weekend to be well-spent. I was invited by Team Grey Density as a blogger, before coming forward with my actual and honest review about the event, three cheers for their team to pull-off a great social media and digital campaign throughout. It was very well-executed.

The gates had to be closed by sharp 6pm as written on the pass so I reached there at 5.45. By the time I reached Nueplex, I saw hundreds of people moving forward for Moin Khan Academy having Dew bottle in hand. I was seated by one of the organizers at sharp 6.25.

My first selfie of the Evening *_*

My first selfie of the Evening *_*

The event kick started at 7.40, few International delegates’ cheered audience from the top and audience was equally responding in excitement. Just to mention that I was among those 400 people who were seated. Rest of the people was standing, i was feeling really sorry for them. It was very very crowded.



What happened next was the biggest smash. Sales tactic of having Mountain Dew in hand was back-fired. People started throwing Dew bottles on each other and some were throwing them open in air. Within few moments the whole ground had Mountain Dew Rain and grass was filled with empty bottles.

Now when all the bottles were hand-picked by management team, people left with nothing to throw out and hence event was started. 3 bikers came and showed some breath-taking stunts. The audience was going crazy to see more of it.

Now the next happening was the arrival of Hamza Ali Abbasi where girls went mad, they had no interest in what he is saying, all they wanted is to have a selfie with him. Well, he was looking good tbh, *winks* 😉

Picture Courtesy: Zubaida  Khan

Picture Courtesy: Zubaida Khan

I had to leave the venue at 9 because of the suffocation hence I didn’t experience the concert. I took an exit from pavilion area and reached to the gate from where I entered. Bang! What I saw there was unbelievable. More than thousand people were trying to get in and were pushing gates so hard that management guys started counting their moments of life. I asked them to give me an exit and they said “Madam, gate khola to koi nahe bachega, bahar 1000 se b zyada log hain”.  There were frustrated families and kids trying hard to get out but no one was helping. Few of the families started taking exits by crossing walls, now imagine aunties and kids doing so. I did my job and clicked a picture of this redefined stunt at an event powered by a multi-national company Pepsi Co.

This is how a family took exit. Utterly Disgusting!

This is how a family took exit. Utterly Disgusting!

Well, after waiting for almost 1 hour I got a chance to get out and I took a breath of relief. Twitter was flooded with people’s anger and frustration and few were appreciating it though. Rather going into why this was happened, being an event manager myself I have compiled few things to learn from the mis-management of #DewAction event.

  1. Never offer anything for free if you cannot handle masses coming over to enjoy it.
  2. Bloggers/Media people were there to cover YOUR event, give them wifi, charging spots and out-of-crowd seats to show some respect.
  3. Gate of Entrance and Exit can never be the same. Any medical emergency could have taken Pepsi Co. to the court.
  4. Any sales gimmick/tactic should be done with all the consequences in mind, if its about numbers charging them for pass was a good option.
  5. Talk to your audience in their language, the host was speaking English which I bet 70% of audience didn’t understand as they were from all over Karachi.
  6. Time management is the foremost thing to keep an eye on.
  7. Passes (If free) should be available at some specific spots only. If not, write Free entry on it. Some people made whole loads of money yesterday.

For a brand like Mountain Dew, this event could have made huge buzz  but sadly it couldn’t. People like me expect a lot more from a brand like Dew. You take your goodwill wherever you go, I don’t know what those international delegates thought about it but me as an ordinary Karachiite is utterly disappointed.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

More pictures of the events are attached. Pictures courtesy of Irtiza Jafri, HBN Studios, Israr Shah Photography and obvoously Me! 😉


11160309_10205259331335275_33746790_n 11160388_10205259330615257_498469070_n  IMG-20150419-WA0018zohaib IMG-20150419-WA001911148787_821066441302241_1172197477343921778_n  10996043_821065691302316_7111705026064727411_n 11150304_881457448584597_252628874939582163_nIMG-20150419-WA0012

IMG-20150419-WA0014 IMG-20150419-WA0013

Why just Watch? Click, Share and Spread “RAPE”!

Scrolling over news feed of Facebook and seeing a video “Gang Rape of A Girl’, click over it, watch it without blinking an eye, click on share button and let the immorality begin!

Hira Saeed Blog

Courtesy: Dawn Blog

If I would have been uttering my words verbally instead of writing then I know how’d I feel to even say that a video of Gang Rape of a Girl has hit million views on social media and infinite shares on WhatsApp. Guess the reason? Because it is no longer abundant to just rape a Girl, a better thing is to make a video and let it add flame to the fire!

I am a woman, the concept of just being molested by a man terrifies me, and it boils my blood when someone stares with a lust in his eyes. Think of that girl for a second,  a 22 years old girl, who left her house to buy a school uniform for her sister. A car having 4 monsters stopped and threatened her with a gun and took her to a place where they ruined her dignity for lifetime and filmed their cruelty on a mobile phone.

 “After I begged and pleaded with them, they beat me even more,” she says. “They said to me that if I don’t listen to them and do what they want, they’ll show everyone the video, put it up on the internet, that they would hurt my brothers and sister”As per report of BBC.

I would not waste my words on those monsters who came from a woman womb and now disrespect their reason of existence. My question is to those thousands of Pakistanis who clicked on that video, watched it and shared it far and wide. Would you do the same if (God Forbids) the girl in that video was your daughter, mother, sister or wife? Would you enjoy it as much as you did this?

My idea of being called educated, liberal, literate and even human revolves around the concept of putting yourself In the shoe of someone, a nation that does not even know what is to be shared and circulated over social media, deserves to be at the place where we are at the moment.  The harsh truth that we require a law to beat the human feeling into our conscience says a lot about us, believe me, A lot!

Well, I forgot!! I live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country where just clicking on rape video is not a crime, and so every man with a phone can enjoy seeing it and share it with his friends and say “see how low we are”, well Mr. you just proved to be one!