Relationships are Unconditional

I have been recalling the stories in my mind to write something on the relationship in which many people are inn and are intent to be inn, all these words don’t revolve around any of my past experience but yes my deep observation on people’s psychology for taking their love relationships/commitments as a hide and seek game all over their life. The game in which one has to hide himself/herself and wait for the other person to find him as soon as he can. The game in which there are bounded rules, you broke one condition, and you’re out of the league!As diplomacy and contradiction in your words and actions nullifies your character is as same as the contradiction in your commitments and your acts in a relationship nullifies the feelings you have for the next person.

I have observed millions of marriages and affairs that end up on the issue of “non compatibility”, was that all ?. Being compatible is the only requirement that a relation want ?.Relationships are just like a garden. You’ll plant the seeds. Working on yourself and your soul mate-attracting skills is the soil. Once you find your true love you begin watering this garden and are careful to pull up any weeds that sprout. But over time what happens? You get used to being in the relationship and you stop watering it and neglect the weeds. What do you think will happen then? The garden will fade off, it will die!

Conditions, Rules, Regulations are a part of games and sports, when it comes to relationships it is all about giving your best part to the person you feel complete with.conditions/ Unrealistic Promises/ Fake Fantasies all made the relations something more like a game, and you all know that when  a game ends, ONE PERSON WINS, AND OTHER PERSON LEFT DEAD !

Written by:  – Hira Saeed –

An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Blogger, Event Planner, Social Activist, Team Leader and a DREAMER!


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