Video Marketing As a Paradigm Shift

Now days – Technologies are on boom and the advancement is happening with the blink of an eye. Social media tools are being used heavily by many marketers to boost up the sales in less time and cost. Video marketing, Video blogging and Webinars are also playing their part in direct and personal marketing. Literary video marketing is a marketing effort which includes a video clip to promote the specific product or service. Video which is perfectly designed and executed make a person hooked for couple of minutes. People are most likely to stick on website while they watch video and it also reduce the dilemma if the product look like exactly what they had in mind, before the delivery.
Video marketing give marketer a chance to give a clear cut explanation of the subject and putting an aspect of entertainment is also plays a vital role. There are a lot of websites who help a person to push the video on many websites to make it a viral video in just few days, people see it, like it, share it and give a prompt feedback to get it.
There are few tips stated below to make video as the best marketing tool you possess.
• Video Thumbnail, Caption and Title: This section is something worth time to brain storm, the title should be such that even if you see the video anywhere you ‘ll automatically click it to have a look, thumbnail tells exactly what are you up to in this video and caption let you describe it in a clear cut way. For example “How to make a Pizza” is a relevant idea but “How to make a killer and sizzling pizza” is the title a person would definitely go for.

• Ideal length of a marketing video. According to the Top Global Video Ads the maximum and average length of the video which is to be used for marketing is 2 minutes and 54 seconds or it must be “Long enough to describe the point”

• Authenticity in the upfront: Always keep the relevant and authentic knowledge to deliver via video. When the consumer end up watching it they must have the clear idea about the thing you were marketing. Use catchy lines and humor to make it recall by customers easily.

• Demonstration: To make the video more influential you can add the demonstration of the product to help people understand its feature in a better way, Advertisement of iPhone make people aware about it but demonstration of iPhone make people understand how to use it. This is likely to increase their interest in the product.

• Endorsements: Adding the endorsement of famous people in the video can make it influential for the person who is watching it. They’ll influence in a way that “if this person is using it must be of a good quality”.

• Optimize your video for Search engine: When the video is finalized make sure it reaches its targeted customers and the people can locate it easily through search engine. Keyword-rich title and description can helps a lot in locating the video through search engine and don’t forget to make it shareable so that it become a viral with in short period of time.

Written by:  – Hira Saeed –

An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Blogger, Event Planner, Social Activist, Team Leader and a DREAMER!


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