Your Happiness Resides Within – Transform Yourself!


Are you one of those people who spend their most of the times in thinking ways how to be happy? Is the reason of your happiness lies in the life where you have more money, less weight, rich husband, beautiful wife and a charming look?  Are all these things able to satisfy your heart from wanting more? Human beings have the nature to never get satisfied, they want more when their urge to ‘have some’ get fulfilled. So, the happiness that you’re searching in these things is not attainable, you will get some of it and your desire of more will come over it.

The key to this secret of happiness doesn’t come from money, looks or materialistic relationships. It comes to those who are ready to transform their within. We have a habit of changing or reacting to things that are causing pain or stagnation in our lives but changing these things from your surrounding won’t help until you are ready to help yourself. If you want to fix something outside yourself, want to rearrange the shattered pieces of your heart, thinking to change the existing job, relationship, city and situation, you can, but remember changing all these situations will give you temporary relief to which you name as Happiness. Fixing things that were not going the way you want to don’t always end up making you happy for your life, but transforming your own inside out helps you to achieve that self-contentment you were looking for as Martin Seligman, the guru of positive psychology, says that 60% of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40% is up to us.

In life, the bad circumstances come to make you or either break you. After its gone either you lose your form or gets polished into a new being. The only thing that can awaken our happiness and renew our life is the transformation of thought process and our inner substance. A transformation of inner being doesn’t come over night; you will read about it today, think about it an hour later and implement it over the days. Remember, if you were held responsible for all the bad things that have happened to you then why is your happiness depends on what people do? Start thinking over, you’re the writer of your own life. The headings of each chapter define what is going to be there till few pages. Re-define the headings of your life now and you’ll see your inner being transformed into a person who take everything as a new level in the video game – Win it to get the more out of life!

What people think about you is their business and remember, we have been asked since childhood to mind our own business. Your hopes, aims and dreams are your choices.  There is nothing you need to change, there is nothing you need to fix, and there is nothing you need to figure out. This is your life. Welcome it with new surprises each day!


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