Parvez Musharraf – Renaming the Meaning of Traitor

Parvez Musharraf

Today I am penning my thoughts about the person who (for me atleast) is the only visionary leader Pakistan have ever had. ‘Parvez Musharraf’, the man who was stigmatized as a Traitor few weeks back. Parvez Musharraf’s Indictments have discontinued mine and every other person’s belief in Pakistan who used to look at Judiciary’s verdict for good. With all those allegations and nuisance cases, it is now clear that our corrupt politicians will never fear an Army clamp down on their malevolent things, because our own judiciary is giving them the direction to continue all these evil practices. In future, no one from Pakistan’s Army will come forward, no matter how much the citizen plead. But this is what our nation wanted to happen? Right?

Not as an individual, but for me it’s shameful for all of us as a nation that a person who stood for the betterment of Pakistan is being trailed for the sin which none of the politician ever committed, yes you read it right. No one has ever done this mistake to put Pakistan and its problems before anything else. Yes, no one had ever taken a step to make Pakistan a self-independent country, no one had ever dialogued with west with both eyes open and hands down. Yes, if these were the sins, Musharraf should be hanged till death.

In Musharraf’s eight years of rule as a President and over 40 years in the army he had fought two wars and had received a gallantry award for the 1965. The man had spent day and night with soldiers in Siachen and Kargil and fought war from the upfront. Is this what a traitor was supposed to do? A traitor is the one who sells his country and who surrenders before the enemy and we know exactly who used to surrender with both hands up in front of west in his tenure. The overall indictment gave a clear idea that the title of traitor is now reserved for a brave Army general who gave all the corrupt politicians a hard time, invited foreign direct investment to the country, provided employment opportunities by taking IT industry to new heights, who uplifted the economy when nothing was going as a ray of hope and yes this title is also for the one who bring together a unpretentious democratic system in the form of local bodies which handed over true power to the grass root level people. The word traitor has now exchanged its meaning from the word leader.

I am still unclear what will happen next to him but I am pretty much sure that all the sinful and evil activities that our politicians do are welcome with an open heart. They are free and know that whatever they do, they are immune and none of their corruption and irrational decisions will give them a title of traitor because it is now exclusively reserved for Parvez Musharraf. Recent days, our Prime Minister’s first priority among all the issues of Pakistan is to abandon Musharraf, since he was the one who was thrown out of the country when Musharraf staged the coup. Good luck Nawaz!

I am one of the well-wishers of Musharraf and expecting this nation to head towards and new path of prosperity since the traitor has been identified and is on a trial for the un-forgivable sin of putting Pakistan before anything.



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