Talibans, We’ll Meet You at the Day of Judgement!

Peshawar Attack

48 hours back from now, it was a fine morning. Some mothers were yelling at their sons to get ready fast, few were making them breakfasts and few were just worried that he will miss the school Van today. Little did they know that the time he is spending in watching himself getting ready was his last time he combed his hair, the breakfast he is having would be his last meal of life and his unconscious intention to miss the school van was actually his last try to live more in this world. They didn’t know what life is bringing ahead and the kid who left home in a white uniform will come in a wrapped white shroud.

Things are devastated now, the school hall where students used to gather in assembly must be empty today, the floor where they used to play with each other must be red with their own blood stains, the mother who wanted her kid to become a doctor must be cursing her wish, the father who used to see his reflection in his 13 year old kid must be crying out loud to bring him into this evil world.

I am not a mother of a child but I have seen my mother’s eyes whenever she bids farewell to me while i leave for office and university. I can feel the pain of my father if he gets to know that I am injured, I can understand how my sister would feel if she gets to know that I am hurt. I am human being, these feelings and emotions aren’t the result of my education and experiences, these are the reasons that make me human, and these are the signs that tell I have a heart that beats.

Does that make you question about the existence of those brutal, atrocious and cruel people who came there to kill those kids? Were they human like us who have a heart given by same GOD? How come they didn’t hear the crumbling voice of a 6 year old kid who was begging in front of them for life, how the heck they were so heartless to kill a teacher and then burn her to death? How does a human be so brutal and evil? How? I question to myself, I ask this to everyone, is this intensity of hatred and extremism? I question.

Never been in my life I feel so caged and helpless. My soul is chained,  I want to rip them apart, I want to give them the same pain those 120 mothers are going through, I want to make them realize how heavy are the little coffins and most of all I want to tell them that we are HUMANS. We have the same color of blood that you have in your veins, we were made by the same GOD who created you, we are the believer of same Allah whose name you mentioned as “Allah’o’Akbar” before taking any innocent life. That Allah asked us to have mercy on fellow human beings and his Prophet (PBUH) preached us to not to kill any innocent life then who do you believe in?

I know none of my words would make any difference to you and to those families you ripped but these words consoled me as a human being, I believe in raising my voice through my words as this is the Jihad we all need at the moment, not the one you filthy Talibans are doing. I pray for the day when human life costs something, the day when I will tell my kids that heaven is country where we live, the day when injustice will castigate and justice will prevail. Not may be here in this temporary place, but we’ll see you right there in front of GOD where you all will come with hands covered in blood and all the kids you killed today will come as a witness of your brutality. We’ll see you Talibans, we’ll see you at the Day of Judgement!

Peshawar attack 16 dec


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