Killing one Innocent is like Killing of Humanity; Says ISLAM, Not me.

Just like after every other sad incident, yesterday i asked myself the same question again. Can’t we show the world that Islam is a religion of peace by our actions? Just for once? Yes, i am talking about the incident that happened at France where at least 12 killed as shots fired at satirical magazine’s Paris office. Charlie Hebdo is killed, but he has left a question mark on our shaky religious beliefs. Our action has proved what charlie just sketched.

I am Muslim and i belong to Pakistan. i equally condemn whatever happened in France. My faith is not so weak that it feels threatened by a random cartoon or a random movie or a book by someone. My faith and love for prophet is beyond all measures, it is beyond all boundaries of hate and extremism. He (SAW) is testament of love and peace. I, being a Muslim and follower of Prophet (SAW), condemn the killing, of anyone, for anything.

Hira Saeed Blog

Courtesy of Picture: The Logical Indian

Follow the twitter hashtags, see how many other blasphemous cartoons are there. You cannot stop human minds to think evil. One Charlie is dead but 100 more Charlies have now the perception that Muslims are evil and extremist. They’ll make more cartoons, we’ll kill more charlies. This will not stop, this will ridicule us as extremist muslim community. Recently, Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook Timeline about the incident, i’ve always wanted him to acknowledge Pakistan as the growing digital industry or something like this but what he wrote there made me sad. Real SAD!

Hira Saeed


This is what i get to see, Pakistan, tagged as a country where an extremist tried to sentence Zuckerberg to death. In response to this post, i received replies that shows how we are representing Islam.

Hira Saeed blog


My question with everyone who is cursing that why do they dare to do this everytime with us? My answer is because we justify the same to them from our actions. There isn’t any threshold of human mind. It’ll think whatever it has been fed for years. How many muslims respect Budha and Bhagwans of Hindu? Not even 1%. How we should expect same from them? They want us to be labelled as a terrorist nation and by giving extremist response to their every act, we proved it. We always do!

I wish, people could see ISLAM as the religion that is based on love and peace. It is the religion that says ‘Killing of one innocent is the Killing of whole humanity”, Yes islam Says so, Not me, Not any other Scholar. May Allah give all of us a mind to comprehend that they nurtured this HATE and we’re reaping it by destroying our own religion and identity.


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