Kumail Hashim – Man Behind Mystical Voice!

kumail hashim The Supreme Power has blessed each of us with a talent that no other person in this world has. While brushing our fate and polishing our beauty, he gave each of us a skill-set from his own attributes. After coming to this world, the only thing that matters, is to find that skill, all of us look for it, and gets tired to know what exactly it is. Little did we know that our talent is within our hearts? It is something that is unique and just needs acknowledgement from your own self. But we, we drown ourselves in disbelief, we tell ourselves time and time again, that we can’t, that we aren’t good enough, that there’s no point doing this, that we are too old or may be too ugly to make it happen, that we haven’t got what it takes and we aren’t the one who is destined to do this. I know someone, a 23 year old guy, who shooked his head while these thoughts that were coming in his way. Back in 2012, none of us were aware that an ordinary-looking dreadful guy among us possesses a talent that can make thousands of people awestruck within few seconds. None of us had an idea that his voice can connect people of all background to one supreme power who live in our hearts. Kumail Hashim, man behind a recently released track “Mawla”. His journey started way back in 2012 when he was invited as a guest to a conference led by Training and consultancy services. While summing up the day, he sang few lines from this Kalaam which made everyone’s eye fall. 300 people left with no words to describe what they were feeling. It was the day Kumail found out that he has it in himself. His element was there, un-noticed, un-heard and un-recognized. Going forward, he has so far written more than 3 Kalaams and have sang them at almost all leading stages of Pakistan. His first official video is released yesterday and so far collecting amazing comments and reviews from all over the Pakistan.

From holding a mic for the first time to releasing his own début, Kumail has embarked his name as an example for those who doubt themselves before they say a word. His success story is a testament of self-belief and confidence. Lacking these two elements robs you of your voice, your own thoughts and your own creativity. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours and looking forward to hear him more and more in near future!


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