Why just Watch? Click, Share and Spread “RAPE”!

Scrolling over news feed of Facebook and seeing a video “Gang Rape of A Girl’, click over it, watch it without blinking an eye, click on share button and let the immorality begin!

Hira Saeed Blog

Courtesy: Dawn Blog

If I would have been uttering my words verbally instead of writing then I know how’d I feel to even say that a video of Gang Rape of a Girl has hit million views on social media and infinite shares on WhatsApp. Guess the reason? Because it is no longer abundant to just rape a Girl, a better thing is to make a video and let it add flame to the fire!

I am a woman, the concept of just being molested by a man terrifies me, and it boils my blood when someone stares with a lust in his eyes. Think of that girl for a second,  a 22 years old girl, who left her house to buy a school uniform for her sister. A car having 4 monsters stopped and threatened her with a gun and took her to a place where they ruined her dignity for lifetime and filmed their cruelty on a mobile phone.

 “After I begged and pleaded with them, they beat me even more,” she says. “They said to me that if I don’t listen to them and do what they want, they’ll show everyone the video, put it up on the internet, that they would hurt my brothers and sister”As per report of BBC.

I would not waste my words on those monsters who came from a woman womb and now disrespect their reason of existence. My question is to those thousands of Pakistanis who clicked on that video, watched it and shared it far and wide. Would you do the same if (God Forbids) the girl in that video was your daughter, mother, sister or wife? Would you enjoy it as much as you did this?

My idea of being called educated, liberal, literate and even human revolves around the concept of putting yourself In the shoe of someone, a nation that does not even know what is to be shared and circulated over social media, deserves to be at the place where we are at the moment.  The harsh truth that we require a law to beat the human feeling into our conscience says a lot about us, believe me, A lot!

Well, I forgot!! I live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country where just clicking on rape video is not a crime, and so every man with a phone can enjoy seeing it and share it with his friends and say “see how low we are”, well Mr. you just proved to be one!


4 thoughts on “Why just Watch? Click, Share and Spread “RAPE”!

  1. I do not know of the news though as i am not active on social sites. Yes i do agree with your point, the desensitization effect has affected us all. In terms of how we react to such inhumane acts in society.

    I even condemn the fact that the Rapists are blurred in face in videos when shown in the media, i mean one should put their faces everywhere so they can be embarrassed even more.

    The sad part is that the person who is raped is more fearful of getting it publicized than the one who actually did commit the crime. I am a male but some people did let me know about the horrors of such an incident, its a blow to the mind and the heart. Physically and mentally torturing for the rest of life.

    I personally think that those who are found to be guilty of doing such crime should be given severe punishment and HIS FACE MUST BE SEEN BY ALL. (even to those who don’t care).

    Its so stupid that people would put up that Islam says you can only punish that rapist who was seen doing the act in real by four men. As this is such a paradox so no rapist would ever suffer stoning to death.

    True that Stoning to death requires that prerequisite but no one did put any restriction on any other type of punishment. I mean if by modern means you do get who is the actual culprit then any punishment other than Stoning can be given by state. Like stretch their limbs from each side until they are pulled and the person dies in pain. I know that’d be hell but its not more than what that person has caused (seriously).

    I hope we get sane humane people to govern what happens in the judicial and the governing bodies of this world. Ameen.

    • I agree with your point of view Bilal. I may sound a real unrealistic but i dream of the day when molestation and rapes become so rare that we do not even have to look at what law and sharia says about it. We need love harmony and peace, not lust and violence. Ahh this sounds like an ideal state but again, but i wish…

      • This can happen for sure – all we need is committed people who can work for this cause seriously. To develop minds it takes time, if the world has defiled the minds of the masses then it would take time to humanize them again so its not a completely hopeless thing to wish for …

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