For Hunger Pangs of Foodies – #KhausaDay by!

Just like different other days we celebrate all over the world, there should be a day dedicate to a specific food we all foodies love. Imagine a pizza day where all burger joints, desi food dhabas make pizzas and celebrate the food which has been satisfying millions of taste buds since years.

Well, this idea was came to life a few weeks back by Though the day they celebrated was not for food everyone is familiar of, i.e KHAUSA.The origin of this dish is Gujrat, India and in Karachi, this dish is famous and more popular in memon community only. Well, who cares as long as it tastes heaven *_*. I, once again, got lucky to receive my complimentary parcel from the team (So Generous of them :P) and was so excited to taste one of the best dishes I have ever had in my life. My mother makes Khausa only on very special request from my friends and family, so this time I was excited to try another home-made Khausa. Here is the picture of what I received!

The serving size was enough to fill one hungry tummy and the garnishing provided (separately, consisting of fried onions, chips, lemon, spices etc) were ample too. The first sight of it was mouth-watering since I am a big lover of beef mince too, i couldn’t wait to take a bite. And just as I expected it was by far the best khausay I’ve ever had. Everything was balanced, none of the flavors were overdone, but for a spicy taste bud like mine, I did put almost 5 tsp Masala to make it as spicy as it could be. Over all for everyone in my home, it was a proper balance of curry, beef, spices, noodles and taste.

Once again, thank you and I am looking forward for another Khusa day Soon! 😀


Overall rating: 4/5


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