The Fun Kids Co – An Emerging Fun-Learning Platform Challenging Violence

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Thursday is the day when my mom visits her parents at her house. As I went in the evening to pick her up I saw my little eight-year old cousin playing Castlevania on the computer. It got me thinking; are beat ‘em up, blood and gore games are the only games that we have left? Why do little kids now a days have such violent tendencies, a lack of self-discipline and an inclination towards doom and gloom? Games like Castlevania are the reason why. Well alright, let’s not just blame the game industry- our televisions, cartoons, movies and comic books with their plethora of blood and gore and vulgarity are equally responsible for the unprincipled nature of today’s children.

Exactly how many Pakistani channels do we have that cater exclusively towards children’s entertainment, specifically of the non-violent variety? With the exception of a very few, most children media feature combatting evil with violence, even if it is for a good cause. So is violence the only answer left to us? Is there no other form of entertainment left to the children of Pakistan?

Recently, an up-and-coming start up by the name of The Fun Kids has been making waves in the social media. A fun-learning platform specially designed for Pakistani kids, The Fun Kids offers entertainment as well as educational opportunities. As a supplement to traditional, classroom mode of education, it strives to bring us back to the basics by imparting valuable life lessons through nursery rhymes, value-instilling moral stories and learning games and videos that are designed to enhance the emotional and intelligence quotient of a child from a very young age. This platform not just ensures that a child has an effective mode of learning but also is a place where a child can watch, read and play in a safe and healthy environment. A parenting forum and blog is also present onsite that invites mothers to invest in their child’s wellbeing by discussing child caring issues and giving out parenting advice.

In just a couple of months since The Fun Kids was launched, it has succeeded in getting rave reviews from parents and still in its developing phase has gotten over 20ooo likes on Facebook. This initiative is the brain-child of an emerging digital media agency, GoLive which is responsible for many other socially active platforms. With such cause-based enterprises emerging in Pakistan, I am beginning to think that there might yet be hope for our country.



Video Marketing As a Paradigm Shift

Now days – Technologies are on boom and the advancement is happening with the blink of an eye. Social media tools are being used heavily by many marketers to boost up the sales in less time and cost. Video marketing, Video blogging and Webinars are also playing their part in direct and personal marketing. Literary video marketing is a marketing effort which includes a video clip to promote the specific product or service. Video which is perfectly designed and executed make a person hooked for couple of minutes. People are most likely to stick on website while they watch video and it also reduce the dilemma if the product look like exactly what they had in mind, before the delivery.
Video marketing give marketer a chance to give a clear cut explanation of the subject and putting an aspect of entertainment is also plays a vital role. There are a lot of websites who help a person to push the video on many websites to make it a viral video in just few days, people see it, like it, share it and give a prompt feedback to get it.
There are few tips stated below to make video as the best marketing tool you possess.
• Video Thumbnail, Caption and Title: This section is something worth time to brain storm, the title should be such that even if you see the video anywhere you ‘ll automatically click it to have a look, thumbnail tells exactly what are you up to in this video and caption let you describe it in a clear cut way. For example “How to make a Pizza” is a relevant idea but “How to make a killer and sizzling pizza” is the title a person would definitely go for.

• Ideal length of a marketing video. According to the Top Global Video Ads the maximum and average length of the video which is to be used for marketing is 2 minutes and 54 seconds or it must be “Long enough to describe the point”

• Authenticity in the upfront: Always keep the relevant and authentic knowledge to deliver via video. When the consumer end up watching it they must have the clear idea about the thing you were marketing. Use catchy lines and humor to make it recall by customers easily.

• Demonstration: To make the video more influential you can add the demonstration of the product to help people understand its feature in a better way, Advertisement of iPhone make people aware about it but demonstration of iPhone make people understand how to use it. This is likely to increase their interest in the product.

• Endorsements: Adding the endorsement of famous people in the video can make it influential for the person who is watching it. They’ll influence in a way that “if this person is using it must be of a good quality”.

• Optimize your video for Search engine: When the video is finalized make sure it reaches its targeted customers and the people can locate it easily through search engine. Keyword-rich title and description can helps a lot in locating the video through search engine and don’t forget to make it shareable so that it become a viral with in short period of time.

Written by:  – Hira Saeed –

An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Blogger, Event Planner, Social Activist, Team Leader and a DREAMER!

SEO Power In Retail Business

Consumer and Customer behavior is keep changing now days. They are more up to find things on internet or web. Shopping from physically existed grocery stores has now become purchasing on online storefronts or e-marketplaces. This seems that the online procedures and activities are gaining advantage over traditional ones. Word of mouth, Electronic and print media is now not enough to generate sales but, utilizing the digital media at its best can help you a lot in reaching sales predictions and targets. SEO is now helping companies to tap the top ranking on search engines so that they can boost their sales through that. SEO power is limitless; the upcoming era is shifting all the brick and mortar organization activities. Marketplace is now e-marketplace; Retailers are now e-tailers. It helps the online retailing business to drive the customers to their store so that they can easily get whatever you’re offering to them and helps the companies to increase their online presence and exposure and to build strong brand goodwill by showcasing the product and services at just one click. Here are some of the tips that will help your online retail business to grow by leaps and bounds.
An attractive website with bundles of quality content can make you reach to the position where the success is assured.

• A creative website gives you a competitive edge to grab the customers to your place before the industry competitors do so. Keyword rich captions and keyword rich descriptions of the showcased pictures can help you to get the potential traffic on your website.

• There’s a famous saying that quality content is the king and SEO is its Queen, true it is. The updated and quality content on your website make it unique in the eye of search engine which is likely to increase your search engine PR.

• Creating a Social media presence is also necessary for all retail business to increase their online exposure. Always maintain a group, fan page or blogs on social media websites like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and others under the name of your company to track your potential customer especially when you’re doing a B2C business. Use keywords in the title or description of groups so that search engines locate it easily.

• Apart from a creative, unique and fresh website there is also a need to create back links or hyperlinks to those websites. Search for the famous business directories and start submitting your website there for more traffic.

• Website maintenance and up gradation is not the only thing that drives the customers to your business, there are other millions of companies that are doing the same thing for their businesses. To have an edge from all those companies search for the top articles submission and press release websites and start posting all the latest happenings about your company there.

• A new product in your store should not be entered silently in the showcase, but there is a lot more homework to do before making it public on the showcase. Try creating Google Ads and Pop-ups of your upcoming product and service, try assessing the behavior of the people by creating demand of the product. Press release submission on several websites is the foremost option to opt when any product or service is preparing to enter in the market.
Stated above are only few of the tips to maximize your presence on the web in online retailing business. Remember customers would not come to you; you need to make yourself easy to access. SEO helps you to track potential customers for your business and If uses perfectly it will reach you among the top businesses online. It’s in your hand to turn your customer’s search into sales. Opt a experienced and good digital marketing company to make it easy for you.

Written by:  – Hira Saeed –

An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Blogger, Event Planner, Social Activist, Team Leader and a DREAMER!