#TheGreatPakistaniCircus – Karachi Needs More Such Events!

These days, my life is portraying a complete picture of a roller coaster ride. So many start-ups are emerging; university semester is coming on edge, my office’s cubical is giving me exciting things and so does my social life. One fine day, my mailbox welcomed passes from an exciting event happening at Karachi i.e #TheGreatPakistaniCircus. The passes were sponsored by Brand Activate.

The Great Pakistani Circus

Like me, you all must be thinking this circus is just like those Lucky Rani circuses where “Lion” and “Maut Ka Kuaan” amaze you and you end up scratching your head saying, what was that? :/ I read about the event beforehand and got to know that The Great Pakistani Circus is something very very different, although the reviews were kind of mixed.

We planned out a day and went to see it in the first show. The Circus is happening everyday till 20th May at KMC Sports Complex having two slots daily, one is 7.30 pm and second is 9.30 pm. As per our ease, we chose the first show of the day. By the way, I’ll review the main sections of entire day that I enjoyed the most.

Entering the main gate we saw a colourful entrance and a pavilion area full of families including kids and teens. Here’s how it looked like!



The first section was of two comedians doing a skit. The clown was getting kids attention and they were responding on his wave calls.


Aerial Hoop:

Moving forward there was a girl doing Aerial Hoop. She was spinning and swinging so confidently that she kept us looking at her talent in awe-inspiring mood.

After two more Aerial Hooping, there came a magician with some magic tricks to make audience stunned and a group of guys for Acro-balancing. The host who was Mr. Nadeem Jafri’s voice at the background was constantly cheering the audience to respond and applaud.

Balance Board:

Another amazing section was the balance board activity. This guy actually took our breath away! Everyone was looking at his talent as if whatever is happening is not possible. Here’s the picture:

The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed

Dog Show:

The most cutest and adorable part of the show. That may be because I am a pet lover but believe me, those adorable dogs were as trained as any human being. Lol :p They performed juggling and wall flips with their master and one of those dogs also jumped from the ladder. (The best part :D). I totally loved it. Sadly i couldn’t clicked a picture and video is too large to attach here.

The show signed off at exactly 9.25pm and while leaving we saw a couple of families waiting outside to attend the second show. All in all, the experience was much better than what I expected. Before going there, I heard kind of mix reviews from people but it turned out a full entertainment filled event. A credit also goes to company that was around, my buddies Saad, Amir and Faryal. Here’s our picture leaving the venue in a happy-go-lucky mood! 🙂

The Great Pakistani Circus

The event was perfectly managed and had a sensible and good audience. I’d highly recommend all the families to go and have fun there with your kids around. Events like this are rare in Pakistan especially in Karachi. The artists and actors performing there have come all the way from outside Pakistan to perform here. Give them a hand!

Overall rating: 4/5

More pictures are attached.

20150425_213045 20150425_212937  20150425_195802 20150425_204106 The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed The Great Pakistani Circus - Hira Saeed