#SukoonAgaya – Pakistan’s Another Promising Start-up Making Buzz!

Tapping an opportunity when everyone’s thinking of possibilities is surely a perfect example of “hitting the nail on the head”.  The new breed of Pakistan seems like the torch bearers of this country. Not only media and social enterprises are emerging, but stats of new IT start-ups in Pakistan are also glooming.

On Labour’s day 2015, another start up came into being. Now you all must be thinking about the point to mention labour day here, well because this venture has given a full-feldged platform to all those jobs that are considered as blue collared jobs in society and their workers are called as Labours. So, all in all, it was a perfectly chosen day to launch this start-up.

“Sukoon.com.pk is an online marketplace that provides a one-stop solution for electrical, plumbing and other home service needs”

The two young entrepreneurs successfully solved the hassle that starts from calling an electrician/plumber/painter etc till running after them to get your work done. The concept that has been making vibes in west since past few years is finally in Pakistan.

Anyone can simply book available home repair services online in just 60 seconds with this portal, without going into any hassle, thus making your life ‘PUR-SUKOON’ as the duo calls it.

Here they are ladies and gentlemen, striking a pose at their baby start-up launch. Mr. Shoaib Iqbal and Mr. Qazi!! *Claps*

Shoaib and Qazi sukoonThe launch ceremony was held in Karachi at Nest i/o where the whole team was gathered to give media and guests a brief about their venture. The event made positive vibes over social media since bloggers, guest speakers, mentors and many other activists were invited there to give them a supportive hand.

Watch the space for more pictures of event with the courtesy of Nest i/o.

11038870_823505847698606_8117556004276346196_n 11150612_823504587698732_3194239540527209296_n (1) 11150612_823504587698732_3194239540527209296_n 11156180_823503221032202_3639116805107079940_n sukoon.com.pk


The startup is currently incubated at The Nest i/o, a technology incubator launched by P@SHA, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung and The US Government.